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Discussions Replies Education Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Conversations Replies Education - Coursework Example Shield your decision. 1. Posted: by: Margarett  Both craftsmanship and culture have been the huge pieces of prior hundreds of years. On the off chance that we investigate the relationship among expressions and culture that existed in the 20thâ century, we come to realize that there had been a nearby association between them. For instance, craftsmen of the 20thâ century spoke to the general culture of that century through their craftsmanships. 20thâ century is known as the start of today’s period of innovation. The craftsmen of the 20thâ century incredibly uncovered the components of innovation, expressionism, and deliberations in their works of art. In addition, the craftsmen of the late 20thcentury additionally uncovered through their works of art the requirement for change and harmony that individuals needed after the two major occasions of war that happened in the primary portion of the century. In my view, the craftsman who best spoke to the social and social patt erns of his timespan through his fine arts was Pablo Picasso. He was a Spanish painter and stone worker who reevaluated the establishments of workmanship in the 20thâ century through including the shadow of continuous developments and generally speaking condition in his craftsmanships. My Response: Taking it above and beyond, I can't help thinking that the specialists of the mid twentieth century were progressively mindful of the movement of craftsmanship. What I mean is, the craftsmen, albeit now and again isolated by mainlands seemed, by all accounts, to be increasingly mindful and perceptive of what different specialists were taking a shot at, what enlivened them, the advancement of workmanship during this time made significantly more fast strides than state craftsmanship a hundred years prior. Clearly the mechanical age and the start of the innovative unrest had something to do with that †however one can’t help yet wonder if workmanship and culture were not signific antly more firmly associated with the craftsmen of the twentieth century than it had ever been previously. 2. Posted by: Andrea  Picasso is an extraordinary model. His specialty is so totally different than the craft of his predecessors.â it could be said, craftsmen like him were facing enormous challenges, leaving from the standard! Class, what do you think it was that gave individuals the stimulus to start facing greater challenges regarding craftsmanship and music during this time?â My Response: Andrea, valid statement - Picasso certainly left from the standard! In any case, craftsmanship in the mid twentieth century was tied in with going amiss from the standard and making better approaches for articulation. Though craftsmanship in past hundreds of years had been increasingly about steadily receiving new styles and mirroring the bosses, specialty of the twentieth century advanced at such a fast and break neck pace that craftsmen appeared to do all conceivable to communi cate their own preferences and separate themselves. This aggregate mentality is the thing that demonstrated twentieth century craftsmanship to be so various and changed in such a brief timeframe scale. 3. Posted: by: Dawna The other century guided another perspective into the craftsmanship world.â With the world despite everything recuperating from theâ atrocities of WWI, numerous craftsmen mirrored this in their style.â another type of workmanship was beginning, the ism movement.â Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism, and German Expressionism.â Pablo Picasso obviously, was an immense figure in this development, with his extraordinary style and utilization of colors.â Many individuals that were utilized to progressively conventional craftsmanship discovered his style and sort of workmanship upsetting and confusing.â I feel the one craftsman that typifies the time however would need to be Ernest Hemingway.â His perspective composing styles of WWI and help express the emotions a fter the war and the sentiment of misfortune that many felt.

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What Criticisms of 19th Century Life Is Dickens Making in the Novel Great Expectations Essay Example for Free

What Criticisms of nineteenth Century Life Is Dickens Making in the Novel Great Expectations Essay Charles Dickens composed the novel Great Expectations in 1861. He initially composed it as week by week portions for a magazine called ‘All the all year. ’ In the novel he condemned numerous things about nineteenth century life, for instance, the significance of being a man of honor and economic wellbeing, wrongdoing and discipline, adolescence and to wrap things up the job of ladies. Charles Dickens was conceived on seventh February, 1812, and went through the initial nine years of his life living in the beach front areas of Kent. Dickens’s father, John, was a sort and amiable man, however he was sad with cash and accumulated huge obligations for a mind-blowing duration. At the point when Dickens was nine, his family moved to London and when he was twelve, his dad was captured and brought to jail for unpaid obligations. Dickens’s mother moved his seven siblings and sisters into jail with their dad, however she organized the youthful Dickens to live alone outside the jail and work with other kids gluing marks on bottles in a blacking distribution center. Dickens found the three months he spent separated from his family exceptionally awful. Not exclusively was simply the activity hopeless, yet he viewed himself as unreasonably bravo, gaining the disdain of different kids. After his dad was discharged from jail, Dickens came back to class. He in the long run turned into a law agent, at that point a court correspondent, lastly an author. Huge numbers of the occasions from Dickens’s early life are reflected in Great Expectations, which, aside from David Copperfield, is his most personal novel. Pip, the novel’s legend lives in the bog nation, works at a vocation he loathes, sees himself as unreasonably useful for his environmental factors, and encounters material achievement in London at an early age, precisely as Dickens himself did. Moreover, one of the novel’s most engaging characters, Wemmick, is a law representative, and the law, equity, and the courts are exceptionally significant segments of the story. In Victorian culture, a man of his word was an individual of upper or working class. Normally, one was naturally introduced to being a piece of the upper class as it was practically difficult to climb the social chain of importance. Being a piece of this tip top area of the class framework is the thing that Dickens investigates and in doing so abuses the uncertainty of the term ‘gentleman’ and the entanglements with respect to what causes a man to become man of his word. One of the significant reactions of nineteenth century life in the novel is the need to recognize social glory and good worth. Dickens investigates this subject by interrogating thoughts concerning the idea of a respectable man. Pip is vital to this topic, as he speaks to the connection between the social classes. He is the town kid who turns into a courteous fellow with the assistance of a crook. Be that as it may, the differentiating view given through Herbert Pocket and his dad gives us that ‘no man who was not a genuine courteous fellow on the most fundamental level, at any point was, since the world started, a genuine man of honor in way. Despite the fact that Herbert has next to no cash, he is verifiably a man of his word, both in the social sense, as he is very much conceived and has gotten a high society instruction, and in the ethical sense, as he shows Pip social graces, and, by model, that habits are useless except if they get from sound good standards. This is likewise outlined through Compeyson, Miss Havershams darling, who had a shallow tastefulness that blinded individuals to his genuine nature. ‘He’s a noble man, you don't mind, this villain’. Drummle is one more case of an overstated sort of noble man. In spite of the fact that he has acquired cash, and extraordinary desires, he has no ethical guidelines and stays inert, glad, held and dubious. Dickens saw two sorts of refined men, Joe Gargery, who is a straightforward and dedicated metal forger. He is additionally modest and kind. This was shown when he asserted that his dad who was likewise a smithy ‘What sume’er the failings on his part, recollect peruser he were that acceptable in his heart. ’ However, Drummle characterized through his insight into social behavior, the degree of his training, appearance and salary. Dickens appeared in his novel that one shouldn't be well off and taught to be a respectable man. Wrongdoing and discipline is a key subject in ‘Great Expectations’ which is connected near equity and foul play. Pip is acquainted with wrongdoing and crooks at an opportune time when he is stood up to with Magwitch on the swamps. This experience constrains Pip to take from his own family, the iron record and the pork pie. So the principal wrongdoing we see perpetrated is by Pip, which is huge on the grounds that the book is based on wrongdoing and how Pip gets increasingly included. When Magwitch is gotten, he is taken to the jail mass where Pip got an understanding into the equity framework and perceived how the detainees were dealt with. Dickenss disappointment with the jail framework is clear when Wemmick is giving Pip a mobile visit through the avenues of London. Additional proof of Dickens concern can be found in Pips response to the Debtors Door of Newgate Prison, in which guilty parties came to be hanged. Utilizing Pip as a vessel to communicate his dormant perspectives on hoodlums, Dickens communicates his profound established recollections of destitution and a dad condemned to indebted individuals jail. This negates the way that, in actuality, Dickens ‘believed’ the ‘model prisons’ to be excessively indulgent to their detainees and praised rather the ideals of hard and unrewarding work, a system which depended more upon discipline than moral improvement. This recommends, in actuality, Dickens felt that it was increasingly critical to concentrate on the discipline of crooks, as opposed to allowing them another opportunity to vindicate themselves. Additional proof of Dickenss worry for most extreme discipline can be found in this announcement with respect to the discipline of a neighborhood road miscreant: ‘I would have his back scarified frequently and deep’. This disposition no doubt originates from the way that Dickens legitimate preparing gave him a far stricter point of view toward detainees. Dickens is regularly credited for being powerful in the death of the Capital Punishment Act of 1868, which restricted open executions Dickens because against open executions was on the grounds that he felt they just caused individuals to identify a lot with killer, as opposed to the person in question. Dickens paints an incredibly distinctive image of youth through the eyes and brain of Pip and sees the world through the eyes of a youngster. This was conceivable on the grounds that Dickens comprehended the considerations and sentiments of kids and applied this to Pips each idea and activity when he composed the novel. Dickens had an undeniable present for making kid characters in his works. The word ‘pip’ itself alludes to a seed from a plant. Seeds should be supported in the event that they are to develop and thrive. So as to comprehend both Dickens ability and his impulse to expound on kids it imperative to understand that through the characters in his books he took up the situation everything being equal. In Dickens perspective on adolescence, he felt that kids have certain necessities, for instance, direction in a sustaining home, to be liberated from passionate and physical maltreatment, to have decent instruction, and to be permitted to utilize their minds and as in the novel, Pip’s father figure, Joe Gargery needed to buckle down like his dad before him and didn't get training. The expression ‘brought up by hand’ inferred passionate and physical maltreatment but then it was intended to mind and love in an exceptionally cruel manner. With the goal for youngsters to prevail in life he felt these necessities must be met. Through his depiction of youngster characters in the novel, Great Expectations, Dickens exhibits how grown-ups once in a while, nor sufficiently accommodated these specific needs that kids have. In Great Expectations one can perceive how the ladies who fit Dickens thoughts were compensated with cheerful lives, normally as marriage. Like on account of Biddy, she was a medical caretaker to a debilitated Mrs. Joe and was the encapsulation of home life. She was later compensated with a glad life by her union with Joe. Dickens envisions two kinds of ladies, subordinate and rebellious, and rewards ladies as indicated by their capacity to render household congruity On the other hand, the ladies who didn't fit in with these thoughts were rebuffed somehow. Despite the fact that not all of Dickens perspectives reflected what was run of the mill of the period, many did. Extraordinary Expectations is an impression of those perspectives that were in all likelihood empowered by the ladies throughout his life. He accepted the same number of did during the Victorian time frame that the womans place was in the home. Ladies were the parental figures of the world. Their lives should be fixated on their family, for instance, characters like Biddy and Clara Barley fill the role of a characteristic, nurturing type. Biddy assumes control over thinking about Joe and Pip after Mrs. Joe is assaulted by Orlick and passes on before long. Biddy, similar to Pip, is a vagrant. She was the one that instructed Pip to peruse and later educated Joe. Incredible Expectations is set in early Victorian England, when extraordinary social changes were clearing the country. The Industrial Revolution of the late eighteenth and mid nineteenth hundreds of years had changed the social andscape, empowering entrepreneurs and makers to store up enormous fortunes. Albeit social class was not, at this point completely reliant on the conditions of one’s birth, the divisions among rich and poor remained about as wide as could be. All through England, the habits of the high society were exceptionally severe and moderate: men of their word and women were relied upon to have exhaustive traditional instructions and to carry on properly in multitudinous social circumstances These reactions as characterized by Dickens in his novel were felt in pretty much every feature of Great Expectations. Pip’s unexpected ascent from nation worker to city refined man constrains him to move starting with one social outrageous then onto the next while managing th

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Hey VMars fans

Hey VMars fans Oh my God. I was peacefully watching Veronica Mars last week, when Wallace Fennel exposited that he wants to be a mechanical engineer. And that totally made my day. Engineers rock. Of course, Wallace is failing MechE and then cheated, like an idiot! So of course he got caught, and I’m supremely disappointed in his lack of judgment. Still. Mechanical engineering! So awesome! On that note, what does everyone think of the new season? I dont think anything could ever possibly compete with season 1, and Im just going to have to accept that. Still, I could use a little more snark in my life, you think? Responses to Comments Nur asked: Just out curiosity, how does one join RingComm? Towards the end of your freshman year, the freshman class council will email the class, asking for people who are interested in joining RingComm. Those interested people send in applications, and the class council does some magical process to determine the members of RingComm. Elizabeth asked: Stupid question: I hear that sometimes when you apply online, you have to keep your essays under the word limit because if you go over itll just stop printing at the 500th word. Will that happen to mine? If I have a really good 505-word essay should I just submit it on paper? Avril said: elizabeth The MIT online application does not cut you off after 500 words, or at all as far as I can tell. In your MyMIT account, if you go to Section 8 of Part Two, you can view a PDF preview of what your application will look like on paper. UmI have never heard of such a thing. 505 words is perfectly acceptable and will not be cut off- just check the pdf preview of the essay before submitting it to make sure everything turned out the way you expected- which you should do anyway! Shabie asked: Well that really was a good post Laura but from what I have seen, what really matters to these people is academic record especially in the case of international students. I am also an international student from Pakistan. I know people who got into MIT as international students. They really had not much in my opinion as compared to the things selection committee sees but an exceptionally good record of academics. Perhaps they do consider that in a country like Pakistan there isnt much opportunities for students to excel in different areas. Pakistan is very very different from USA. What do you think? Faizan asked: Moreover, I have also heard that almost ALL of international students at MIT have earned some form of regional, national or international distinction. Well, you’re exactly right that international admissions is super competitive, even more so than domestic admissions. And you’re also right that a large percentage of internationals have really awesome awards and accomplishments, but I certainly wouldn’t say all. Also, of course your academic record is important. No one is saying that MIT students aren’t smart, excellent students. What I’m saying is that there’s a lot more to life than getting all your homework right, and those are the things that will make the difference. Thuita Maina asked:: I sat for SAT 1 and I messed up in one section in Critical reading I left out one question and went ahead filling the answer of the question in the space of the question I had left and I went ahead that way. I realised the mistake last minute and I could not correct. I feel I might not score highly in critical reading as I had anticipated. Is there a way MIT admissions officers can get to know about this so that they dont think I am an international armed with inadequate English? Yikes! In cases like that, can’t you cancel the score? I think you should have spoken to the proctor at the time, but I guess it’s too late for that. I would definitely explain this on your application, and maybe also contact the collegeboard and see if they have any advice for you. Rohan Malik asked: Im Rohan Malik, a science and economics IB kid considering applying to MITI really love the sciences, but Ive heard and read (on your site) stuff that suggest that MIT is sort of high on pressure. is that true? Like did you ever get too many physicists in your first year, or feel like everything was academically orientedthat some people were too competitive? Because I really enjoy working with people who are a lot smarter than I am, but it may just become an overdose if thats 80% of them proving it all dayitd be nice if there was a mix of people, some of whom were good at the arts, or stuff that wasnt academic. does that happen? Do you find the group of students friendly and supportive? I was just wondering what you thought Well, first of all, MIT is hard. So is there a lot of pressure? I’d say so. If you’re worried about doing well, and stuck in the middle of a problem set late at night, you will certainly feel a lot of pressure. At the same time, there are plenty of other things to do to occupy your time. People here are good at all kinds of things- music, theatre, sports, random skills like origami. =) You really shouldn’t have a problem finding people with varied interests. Just last night I went to see The Tempest performed by MIT’s Shakespeare Ensemble, and it rocked pretty hard, in my own personal opinion. Most importantly, people here are not competitive! I promise you I mean it, because that was one of my own biggest concerns about coming to MIT. I went to a pretty competitive high school, and it drove me insane to listen to my classmates argue with our teachers to get 2 points back on a test where they already had a 97. As the saying goes, MIT is so hard that people are too busy trying to survive to worry about impressing each other. Problem sets are usually designed to be collaborative (i.e., professors expect you to work together to do the homework, so they make it appropriately hard). Collaboration is a big theme at MIT. Of course everyone wants to do well, and no one minds beating their ex on an exam, but seriously- if you need help, you can find it. A few weeks ago, a couple of freshmen were up late at night, working on an 18.02 problem set. They asked me a simple question about Matlab, and I soon realized that they were struggling through a problem set that I remember making m e utterly miserable just last semester. So I sat down with them and helped them figure it out. (It took a bit of remembering on my part.) The bottom line is, they went to bed several hours sooner than I did the night I had the same pset.

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Human Resource Management Essay - 791 Words

Effective Performance Appraisals Latoya Cannon BUS303: Human Resource management Instructor: Gwnedolyn McCants-Allen April 24, 2013 A performance appraisal helps with developing information on an employee, which will help determine if the objectives that were set forth have been met, and what needs to be improved to help with the success of the company. This evaluation happens once a year to help the employer determine whether or not an employee is a great asset for the company. Performance appraisal is very important for staff motivation, communicating, and an individual’s contribution towards the company success. Each performance appraisal must be accurate, and thought through to ensure that appraisals is effective, and to help†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"Effective appraisal systems link performance ratings to organizational rewards. Research consistently indicates that, to maximize the effectiveness of a pay-for-performance program, organizational rewards must link greater rewards to superior job performance. When employees feel that their rated performance is accurate and reflects the full ra nge of their contributions to the organization, their motivation to perform increases. On the other hand, when employees feel that performance ratings are inaccurate or a function of politics, they tend to perform only to minimum standards, be absent more often, engage in theft, or quit. (Longenecker amp; Fink, 1999, P.1) If a performance appraisal is bias, it can effect an employee’s working relationship. If a performance appraisal is bias, it could be misleading to the employee; this can hinder the employee’s growth within the company. This can effective the employee ability to meet objectives that was set. â€Å"It is also important that the appraisal system be designed expressly to measure and assess performance, rather than for other unrelated or indirectly related goals. Otherwise, performance evaluations will be biased and their outcomes will be misleading for both the employees and the organization. For example, performance appraisals can be used solely to determine annual raises or bonuses instead of as a way to provide employees with feedback about their performance and help them improve. In these cases, managers tend toShow MoreRelatedHuman Resources Management : Human Resource Management1140 Words   |  5 Pagesa business efficiently? Human Resource Management (HRM). Human Resources is the solid foundation that practically oversees the entire organization, whether its managing employees to surveilling the progress of every single department. There are six principle functions that Human Resource take into account: employee relations, recruitment, compliance, compensation and benefits, training and development, and safety (policies/regulations). Over time Human Resource Management has taken a new role intoRead MoreHuman Resources Management And Human Resource Management2123 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction The study of human resource management becomes a major topic of the science of management at the beginning of 20th century and keeps attracting researchers’ attention (Merkle, 1980). The new models of human resource management derive from the advance of management theories and the accumulation of practices and experiences. With the development of global economy, the economic situation of each country deeply affects the world and becomes closely connected. In addition, the needs of customersRead MoreHuman Resources Management : Human Resource Management1138 Words   |  5 PagesHuman Resources Management Hilti continues to grasp on success and expand globally, but their path weren’t always well defined. The company began in 1941 and historically they’ve kept to traditional strategies when it came to recognizing human resource requirements. In the early 2000’s, the company established a new set initiatives, aimed at doubling revenue and operating profits. Hilti also recognized that this type of growth would require invigorating ideas to employ human resourcing requirementsRead MoreHuman Resource Management And Human Resources Management941 Words   |  4 PagesHuman Resources Management is one of the most important aspects of any organization, whether it be non-profit, not for profit, or profit. Human Resources Management is what makes it possible for a manager to be able to focus on their work and tasks at hand and not have to deal with lots of unneeded interpersonal activities. They are in charge of correctly evaluating the candidates that the managers will have to work with for the duration of the candidate’s stay. They are responsible for makingRead MoreHuman Resources Management : Human Resource Management835 Words   |  4 PagesHuman Resource Management â€Å"They humanize the brand and help workforce communities thrive† (Who). A human resource management position may be the job for you. Every business and enterprise has a human resource manager, including Starbucks, Disney and even Apple. This job includes planning and coordination, organization, consulting employees and to oversee the work and employees. All the schooling and stress that comes along with this occupation pays off in the end with an enjoyable job. HumanRead MoreHuman Resources Management : Human Resource Management1398 Words   |  6 Pages Human Resource Management Overview Tanya Phillips Dr. Andrea Scott, PhD HSA 320, Strayer University October 31, 2016 Human Resources Management Overview Human resources (HR) is the different kinds of clinical and nonclinical responsibilities for public and individual health involvement. The benefits and performance the system can deliver depends upon the knowledge, skills and motivation of those responsible for providing health services. Human resource managers don’t directlyRead MoreHuman Resources Management : Human Resource Management2534 Words   |  11 PagesIn most cases managers look at human resource management as an expense to a company rather than a source of benefit to the company however, research has proved that human resource management practices can be of greater value. Valuable decisions such as whom to recruit, what package to offer, the training necessary for the new recruits and how to assess employee performance directly affects the employee motivation and as such do affect the ability of the employee to provide products which the consumersRead MoreHuman Resources Management : Human Resource Management95 8 Words   |  4 PagesHuman Resource Management Overview As we all know when it comes to every business and organization that is out there, they all need help from Human Resources to continue to help the company grow. What is human resource management? Well Human Resource Management is the overall process that deals with how Human Resources manages their employees as well as different issues that can come across within the organization. Human Resource Management are in charge of different tasks including recruiting asRead MoreHuman Resources Management : Human Resource Management820 Words   |  4 PagesHuman Resources Management Proper Planning is one of the most important aspects of human resource management. Without proper execution of plans, the particular needs of an organization that are the responsibility of human resources will not be reached, and therefore, will fall short of what is necessary for meeting the goals of an organization (DeCenzo, Robbins Verhulst 2013).There are many facets a human resource manager must be familiar with in order to run an organization. The functions of humanRead MoreHuman Resource Management : Human Resources Management1264 Words   |  6 Pagesand research with my family, I decided to go into human resource management, specifically in a hospital. Many people questioned and often said â€Å"Why human resource management?† My answer, I chose human resource managers because I believe they are a vital part of a hospitals success. They make the plans, they direct the staff and they coordinate how people work together and where they need to be. Throughout this paper , I will describe human resource managers- what they do, what are the requirements

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Analysis Of The Article Bad Food Subsidies It, And...

In the essay by Mark Bittman â€Å"Bad Food? Tax it, and Subsidize Vegetables Instead,† Bittman offers an idea on how to change the Standard American Diet: making healthy food cheaper and fast, processed food more expensive. Calculating the tax to increase one penny would make a difference in the price and the decision of the people as to whether or not the people will purchase processed foods. With taxes on carbonated drinks and processed foods, profits from the proposal should increase due to the amount of money it would bring into the government and the benefits of a healthier American. Bittman’s results remove chronic health diseases that reinvent the way we eat. In â€Å"Nickle and Dimed on Not Getting by in America,† Barbara Ehrenreich†¦show more content†¦Also pointing out, â€Å"But since poor people suffer disproportionately from the cost of high-quality, fresh foods, subsidizing those foods would be particularly beneficial to them† (Bit tman 295), Bittman understands that most of the jobs that are not getting enough money for their work are the physical, blue collar jobs. Because these jobs are physically demanding, they need as much energy as their job demands. Since energy comes from the food that we consume, Bittman finds it important to consume the better, healthier food. Similar to Bittman, Ehrenreich believes that money is a big issue when it comes to deciding what kind of food to buy. As Ehrenreich concludes her month of working on the minimum salary, she realizes that she ends up with less money than what she starts with. Ehrenreich explains: There are no secret economies that nourish the poor; on the contrary, there is a host of special costs. If you can’t put up the two months’ rent you need to secure an apartment, you end up paying through the nose for a room by the week. If you only have a room, with a hot plate at best, you can’t save by cooking up huge lentil stews that can be frozen for the week ahead. You eat fast food, of the hot dogs and Styrofoam cups of soup that can be microwaved in a convenience store (Ehrenreich 253). Showing her understanding of the true life of a low-wage worker, she starts to emphasize. This low-wage cycle will continue. A low wage worker cannotShow MoreRelatedPotential Multifunctional Role Of Sugarcane Output10082 Words   |  41 PagesIntroduction 7 2.2 Review of Studies 7 2.3 Sugarcane low productivity and a Source of Energy 9 2.4 Sugarcane Bagasse Cogeneration 12 †¢ Data and Methodology 3.1 Introduction 16 3.2 Theoretical Framework 16 †¢ Descriptive Analysis of Sugarcane End Products 4.1 Introduction 18 4.2 Sugarcane Production in Pakistan 18 4.3 Sugarcane By-Products and their uses 21 4.3.1 Uses of Bagasse 23 4.3.2 Molasses 26 4.3.3 Ethanol 28 4.3.4 Sugar 30 4.4 By-ProductsRead MoreExercises for Microeconomics17876 Words   |  72 Pageslinking hamburger consumption to heart disease. Buyers in the market for CDs learn of an increase in the price of audiocassettes (a substitute for CDs). Buyers in the market for CDs learn of an increase in the price of CDs. Use supply and demand analysis to explain why hotel room rental rates near your campus during parents’ weekend and graduation weekend might differ from the rates charged during the rest of the year. How will a new law mandating an increase in required levels of automobile insuranceRead MoreVarian Solution153645 Words   |  615 Pagescurrent consumption level? 2 cheeseburgers for 1 Coke. 3.12 (1) Tommy Twit is happiest when he has 8 cookies and 4 glasses of milk per day. Whenever he has more than his favorite amount of either food, giving him still more makes him worse oï ¬â‚¬. Whenever he has less than his favorite amount of either food, giving him more makes him better oï ¬â‚¬. His mother makes him drink 7 glasses of milk and only allows him 2 cookies per day. One day when his mother was gone, Tommy’s sadistic sister made him eat 13Read MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagesyou carried all your food, water, sleeping bags, and tents. Last night you discovered that somebody had accidentally cracked the large water container. Now you are stuck with no water. Although there is a stream nearby, you wouldn’t normally drink from a stream, and you remember that your packets of water-sterilization tablets are in 3 the pocket of your other coat—the one you left at home at the last minute. The three of you are thirsty and have only dehydrated food left, except for fourRead MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 Pages The revised or newly added â€Å"Integrative Cases† positioned at the end of each main part of the text were created exclusively for this edition and provide opportunities for reading and analysis outside of class. Review questions provided for each case are intended to facilitate lively and productive written analysis or in-class discussion. Our â€Å"Brief Integrative Cases† typically explore a specific situation or challenge facing an individual or team. Our longer and more detailed â€Å"In-Depth IntegrativeRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 PagesMBA−10 General Management California College for Health Sciences MBA Program McGraw-Hill/Irwin abc McGraw−Hill Primis ISBN: 0−390−58539−4 Text: Effective Behavior in Organizations, Seventh Edition Cohen Harvard Business Review Finance Articles The Power of Management Capital Feigenbaum−Feigenbaum International Management, Sixth Edition Hodgetts−Luthans−Doh Contemporary Management, Fourth Edition Jones−George Driving Shareholder Value Morin−Jarrell Leadership, Fifth Edition Hughes−Ginnett−Curphy

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Annotated Bibliography Example Free Essays

Annotated Bibliography Reina Garza Diana Hollinger, Russ Sperling, JoAnn Ford (2009, november 5). the state of music education in schools. (M. We will write a custom essay sample on Annotated Bibliography Example or any similar topic only for you Order Now Cavanaugh, Interviewer) * When test scores go down in math and reading, the emphasis is put on those basic subjects to the detriment of other so-called elective courses. And now the combination of standardized testing and budget cuts have put art and music classes in the highest of high-risk categories,† (par 1) * â€Å"when you speak with great educators, and look behind the test scores, the lessons learned in studying music, learning to play an instrument, playing in a band, learning to read music, all provide a richness to a child’s education that will last a lifetime,† (par 1). * Because of the declining math and reading scores, it is causing the students to double up on classes. This then does not give them time to take any form of music education. par 12). * â€Å"You cannot cut something for one or two years and say, oh, we’ll bring it back next year because the cuts are long term,† (par 16). * We still have about half the number of music students in music education in K-through-12. And we’ve never fully recovered and partly that’s because we start cutting the things that are the least visible fi rst, which would be elementary music and then junior high music because the things that are most visible are the marching band at the football game†¦and the choir at, you know, at graduation and those sorts of things in high school. But it’s like cutting off the roots; the flower only lasts just so long,† (par 16 ;amp; 18). * Some schools outsource their music programs. This then makes the teacher work with the students after school. Diana says, â€Å"we can’t just do a little music. Let’s outsource this and sing some songs after school. That’s not how you teach. You don’t teach algebra that way, you don’t teach somebody to read that way, you don’t teach science that way. You cannot teach anything that way. So it’s very important that you have a structured, you know, step-by-step education so that students have access. Understanding how to read music and to sing music and to play music is access. It’s social justice,† (par 30). Harken, J. V. (2003, august 20). budgets cut student expeirence . Retrieved may 24, 2012, from CNN: http://articles. cnn. com/2003-08-13/politics/sprj. sch. cuts_1_budget-cuts-music-or-science-math? _s=PM:EDUCATION * â€Å"If a student’s talents lie in art, or music or science, they lose out,† (par 8). Schools believe that math and reading are the most important subjects, so if the students have declining test scores, then all the other programs are cut while math and reading/English are funded even more. (par 7 amp; 8) * â€Å"For many kids, that’s why they come to school, for the band or chorus or sports. † (par 18). * Students interested in developing business or music skills would have to look outside the school for programs or private tutors they go to on their own time, Johnson said. People have to compensate. If the student can’t afford it, well, that’s the downside to this situation. â€Å"† (par 25). Houck, Olivia. (2009). 2009-10: Against Cutting Art and Music Programs in Schools. Retrieved may 24, 2012, from morrison institute: http://morrisoninstitute. asu. edu/young-stewards-of-public-policy/essays/2009-10-the-voting-problem * â€Å"Overall, reports have shown that the percentage of kids with access to music has declined 50% in the past five years,† (par 1). â€Å"The study of music, theatre, and other forms of art have been shown to stimulate other parts of student’s minds and even keep them out of gangs and other harmful situations,† (par 1). * â€Å"â€Å"95% percent of Americans believe that music is a key-component in a child’s well-rounded education, 80% percent of respondents agreed that music makes the participants smarter; 78% believe that learning a musical instrument helps students perform better in other subject areas; and 88% believe participation in music helps teach children discipline† (Hurley 3),† (par 1). â€Å"â€Å"Within two to three years, every school that cuts arts showed a decrease in morale and attendance and an increase in vandalism and disruptions, and within three years most of them had to add extensive disciplinary staff to account for the problems that were created by not providing the full range of experiences that human beings need† (Hurley 2). † (par 3). Nelson, TJ. (2005, march 5). dumbing down, the dwindling funding of the arts. Retrieved may 24, 2012, from worldmusiccentral. org: http://worldmusiccentral. org/article. php/2005030922083613 â€Å"One Ipswich high school senior, Reeve Pierson, calculated the participation in his school and found that out of 629 students 445 participated in the music and art programs,† (par 6). * â€Å"†Students with coursework/experience in music performance and music appreciation scored higher on the SAT: students in music performance scored 57 points higher on the verbal and 41 points higher on the math, and students in music appreciation scored 63 points higher on verbal and 44 points higher on the math, than did students with no arts participation†. — College-Bound Seniors National Report: Profile of SAT Program Test Takers. Princeton, NJ: The College Entrance Examination Board, 2001† (par 8). * â€Å"â€Å"Secondary students who participated in band or orchestra reported the lowest lifetime and current use of all substances (alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs). † — Texas Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Report. Reported in Houston Chronicle, January 1998† (par 9) * â€Å"*Thirty-six out of 57 states and territories in the US plan to slash funding for culture. Estimates suggest that funds will be reduced from $355 million to $274 million in the 2004 fiscal year according to Americans for the Arts. Florida governor, Jeb Bush, reduced his state’s arts funding from $28 million to $5. 9 million. Colorado’s arts budget shriveled to a mere $200,000. † (par 13). * â€Å"There’s something utterly captivating in listening to the musical rendition of â€Å"She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain† by a bunch of first-graders on kazoos and percussion instruments. What kind of society will we be without the squawky notes of â€Å"Greensleeves† emanating from an open window as a fourth-grader practices on a black, plastic recorder? What kind of cultural identity do we preserve and pass on without a music education? What happens to us if we become a country without a culture, without a voice, without a song? † (par 16). * â€Å"I guess Air Force One should invest in a good sound system and a CD of Sousa marches, because a future president might be stepping of the plane into the adulation of crowds, not to the strains of â€Å"Hail to the Chief† played by a school orchestra but to a bunch of kids holding up multiplication table flashcards,† (par 17). music Statistics/music advocacy quotations. n. d. ). Retrieved may 24, 2012, from heritageweb. org: http://www. heritageweb. org/~sanderson/MusicAdvocacyStatsandQuotes. pdf | | * Students with good rhythmic ability can more easily detect and differentiate between patterns in math, music, science, and the visual arts. -â€Å"Rhythm seen as key to man’s evolutionary development,† TCAMS Professional resource Center, 2000. * A 1997 study of elementary students in arts-based programs concluded that students’ math test scores rose as their time in arts education classes increased. â€Å"Arts Exposure and Class Performance,† Phi Delta Kappan, October, 1998. * The arts are recognized as a core subject in the Goals 2000: Educate America Act approved by both houses of Congress in 1994. -National Education Goals Panel * â€Å"In every successful business. there is one budget line that never gets cut. It’s called â€Å"Product Development† – and it’s the key to any company’s future growth. Music education is critical to the product development of this nation’s most important resource – our children. -John Sykes – President, VH1 * â€Å"Music is about communication, creativity, and cooperation, and by studying music in schoo l, students have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective. † -Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States of America * â€Å"The arts are an essential element of education, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic. music, dance, painting, and theater are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment. † -William Bennett, Former US Secretary of Education | How to cite Annotated Bibliography Example, Papers

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